Finger Leprosy
2004-04-05 at 6:40 p.m.

phew, another day. Not that it was particularly hard or anything- I went to some four classes, attempted the math homework and played the guitar for like 2 hours. My fingers puzzle me- they were really hard and all, and I guess they still are, but after playing today they are more peely than ever. Is it just a constant cycle of peeling? When will it stop?

I really have nothing of importance to say, I just wanted to update. Becca and I are signed up for housing in,....get this...Nash- weird! It just kind of worked out that way, so yeah, we might just be in Nash next year. My vote was kind of for Mathes, but our friend Sarah told us that apparently Mathes has a lot of problems with heat, or a/c, or something?? Is this true, Mathes people? I don't know. Anyway, we are going for the seventh floor with a view, although it could be virtually impossible. eh.

Yeah, that's that.

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