the last monday of my freshman year, EVER
2004-06-07 at 3:07 p.m.

Woah, it's finals week. Ha, just typed FUNals on accident. No, they are not fun! Anywho, yeah, no real finals until wednesday, which is math, then I have my anth final on thursday. all I have to do until then is my environmental studies take-home test, which is really dumb. I didn't pay enough attention in class to take good notes, so I have to look the stuff up online that I am writing about.

So this weekend was the Highland Games! It was so awesome, I have never seen so many bagpipes and kilts in my entire life...combined. It was so cool. Except that it rained, that kind of sucked. but we did our dances for an hour or so, then walked around in our "kilts" which were actually just plaid skirts that we only wish were actual kilts... yeah, I'll write more later, but for now I gotta go pee, and then I'm off to my last EVER Scottish Country Dance class! Oh, how sad, sad sad. I will miss it so much! (although it has NOT been the kindest on my poor fractured foot this quarter). but next year we are totally doing club night on tuesdays.

I started taking my stuff down from the walls today. Que Triste!

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