A sad dead week
2005-06-05 at 3:02 p.m.

I can't even believe that it's finals week. Last week was pretty much the longest week ever, and not such a good one. Roda, a floormate, was killed in a homocide last weekend. That news put a damper on the week, you could say. It's so strange to hear horrible news like that- I don't even know how to react, and it feels like someone has kicked me in the face. Ugh. I feel so bad for my friend Kari, her roommate- because she was affected by it so much more than any one else up here. What a way to go into finals week and summer, eh?
I don't have any finals until wednesday, which is sweet considering how much I really need to study for them. I am sad (and pissed off) to report that I'm pretty sure I will be recieving a stupid B in journalism, dangit. And possibly a B in history and biology, also, depending on how my finals go. Spanish is pretty much an A, phew, I've just got to make sure I do well on my final.
Yesterday was the CCF bbq and Jenny's birthday. The bbq was fun, except poor Becca got pelted by bird poo! Then we went bowling for Jenny's bday, and then over to Steve K's house for papa murphy's pizza, cheesecake, and movies. Fun times. Today I'm halfheartedly studying some history- it's so hard to study now for a test that's 3 days away, even though I really need to start now!

If anyone reads this, pray for the family and friends of Roda Bec, who passed away last saturday, the 28th. She was only 16. She came over from Sudan with her brothers when she was 7- her mom is in Australia, and the rest of her family is still in Africa.

My mom also needs prayer in selling our house.

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